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Don't make me choose

I panic when my friends ask me to choose a dinner venue. My palms sweat when I peruse a flavor list that includes more than two varieties.

Fortunately, this weekend it's OK to bask in indecision.

Tonight, head downtown for the First Friday Bar Crawl, when you can can get into a bunch of bars for one cover (usually between $7 and $10).

The deal is a pinballer's dream, and the single admission fee gives you a taste of multiple venues — everything from martini bar Savana's to The Vault, where you can hit up a toga party.

Saturday, $15 grants you admission to the 32 bands performing at the Summer Side Show, held at the Bradley Theatre (1241 Broadway).

The concert is 12 hours — 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. — and the acts cross lots of genres, so you can dabble in all your musical tastes.

Sunday, cap off your weekend of indecision with dinner at Hong Kong Buffet (1591 Bradley Park Drive). For just about $10, you can build a plate that satisfies your craving for crab legs, deviled eggs, Jell-O, sushi, Chinese donuts, buffalo wings and peach cobbler.

And if you still can't decide what to eat, there's no harm in grabbing a second — or third — plate.