Latest News gets new social networking features

This morning users will have a different experience on The key upgrades are listed below.

Please make us aware of any problems you have with the new features by e-mailing

Feature overview

Comment a story: Did you agree or disagree with a story? We want to know. Share your thoughts on a particular article by scrolling to the bottom of the story, entering your comment in the associated field, and clicking the "Submit" button.

Recommend a story: Did you think a particular story was especially compelling or worth sharing with a friend? Click the "Recommend" link at the top of the story. The more recommendations a story gets, the more likely it will end up appearing on our home page in the "Most Recommended" section.

Upload an avatar: Want to personalize your view of the site and add your own personal stamp to your story comments, forum posts and personal profile page? You can do so by uploading an image of your choice by visiting your profile page - either through clicking on the default avatar icon or clicking the "My Profile" link adjoining it - then selecting the "Edit Profile" link. From this page you can either select one of our default avatars or upload a unique image. The system will automatically resize your picture for clarity purposes, but we recommend that you keep it on the small side (60 x 60 pixels).

Create a personal profile: Just like the avatar mentioned above, you can also further customize your personal profile on You can do this by clicking on the "My Profile" link and then selecting "Edit Profile." This will take you to your personal profile page where you can share, within your comfort level, a bit more about yourself with the readers and contributors to This page allows you to enter a brief description of yourself, identify your location, share some of yourinterests and adjust notification settings on your account.

Create a personal blog: Want to comment in greater detail about specific news events or simply share with other readers what is going on in your life? You can do so be creating a free personal blog. You can access the blog and start posting today by clicking on the "My Profile" link or avatar icon and then selecting the "Blog" tab. From there you will be given the option to name your blog, create a brief description and upload an image or icon that represents the blog. You will also have control over comments on your blog, the number of entries it will display and the ability to include a blog roll.

Explore the forums: Looking to discuss your local sports teams, debate current political trends or discuss the sounds of the neighborhood music scene? Check out the site's new forums section that we hope offers something for everyone to enjoy. With features such as "reply to post," you can engage your fellow users in a vigorous conversation as well as start your own threads of dialogue directly on the site.