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My lip gloss be popping

If you've wondered what inspired rap artist Lil' Mama to do an entire song about lip gloss, head over to Whittlesey Road this weekend. There, you'll find the new ULTA (5550 Whittlesey Road), which celebrates its grand opening this weekend. Not only will you find lip gloss in every flavor imaginable, but you'll also find fragrances and hair products galore. Plus a full-service salon. I've pretty much budgeted my entire life savings for the shopping spree, and will most definitely come home with many new hues of body glitter. You'd think the endless aisles of selection would quench my thirst for beauty products, but right after ULTA I'll make a stop at Kohl's in the same shopping center. They finally got "Flirtatious!" — a perfume I've been obsessed with since Glamour magazine recently named it a scent guys like. And, while you're checking out new places, head to After 5, the R&B club that recently opened at 3709 Gentian Blvd. I'll be there Saturday working on next week's bar profile, so be sure to stop by and say hi. I'll be the one wearing the hot lip gloss.