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I killed the radio star

And now I can't hear any music

My PC's speakers busted sometime around the witching hour on Tuesday, and I'm in desperate need of some replacements. I can't play "Neverwinter Nights 2," I can't listen to "The Buggles" and the speakers I'm using now are on a strictly temporary basis.

To circumvent these problems, I'll visit Best Buy this weekend. Look for the mutant cow next to the Peachtree Mall. While there, I may consider examining some iPods, though their cost will probably repel me like a vampire from sunlight. Or a werewolf from silver. Or a reporter from actual work.

After getting the new speakers, I'll begin transferring music from my mini-discs onto my PC. I admittedly got into mini-discs during my stint in Japan, and I now never listen to them because of superior technology. But the music I've got on them is great, and I can increase my music collection by a significant amount if I just take the time to figure out what wire goes where.

Do a search on Google for "mini-disc to pc." Download free and legal programs. Repeat.

To cap off a no doubt sweltering day running errands, I'll perform an experiment downtown. I wonder, how many bartenders downtown know how to make an authentic Mai Tai? During the day, I'll grab the directions online and use them to my own nefarious ends as I hop from one watering hole to the other, judging them quietly.

Don't look at me if your drink choice doesn't work out. Put the blame on VTR.