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Get this Potter started

I know the new, and final, Harry Potter novel is still two weeks away and that I probably shouldn't begin obsessing this early. Whatever. There's no reason to revel in my OCD if I can't get a head start on the premier event of the year.

It all starts with dying your hair for the release party at the bookstore of your choice. Dye it permanently two weeks early to get yourself in the mood. Or just pick up some temporary dye this weekend and dump the stuff in your locks the day before. A friend of mine used to use Kool-Aid for a 24-hour dye job. Whatever levitates your aquatic vehicle.

Just because you're attending a release party doesn't mean you should buy the book there. Standing in line at Disneyland is one thing. Being on your feet for hours for a book is something else. Go to or another online merchant and reserve your copy this weekend. Definitely go to a party when the book comes out, but wait for it to magically appear on your doorstep.

After completing these most trying of tasks, reward yourself with a beer at Scruffy Murphy's Saturday night. The girl band "Lixx" is scheduled to perform at 10 p.m. There's nothing quite like odd costumes and dyed hair.

You'll fit right in.