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Hair today

There's just one Ricki Lake, Hollywood fans.

Still, I can't resist an urge to see the remake of "Hairspray," now playing at Hollywood Connection Ritz 10 (1683 Whittlesey Road).

Blame it on an eerie fascination with John Travolta in drag, or my not-so-secret crush on "Hairspray" star Zac Efron, who also appeared in "High School Musical."

Another one of the film's guilty pleasures? Actress Amanda Bynes, who reportedly snacked on so many lollipops in conjunction with her role that her dentist father worried about her dental health.

If a trip to "Hairspray" resurrects your hibernating sweet tooth, head to Brother's General Store (1014 Broadway), where you can dabble in various types of fudge and ice cream.

Sugar high intact, you'll be all amped up to test your Christopher Walken-inspired dance moves on the local club scene.

Head to Muldoon's, where you can catch performances by local high-energy cover band Mindblender (6499 Veterans Parkway) on Friday and Saturday. Both shows start at 9 p.m.

Don't forget your ID, cash for the $5 cover and of course, an extra can of hairspray.