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Remember to get your Nightwalk tickets early

The 19th annual Nightwalk is Nov. 22. As always, there are three start times — 6 p.m., 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. The first time goes quickly, so register soon if that’s the one you want.

When I called March of Dimes executive director Linda Szabo, the smart aleck asked if I was going to come and buy my tickets Saturday night.

I told her that I don’t come Saturday night. I come Saturday afternoon.

For someone who calls me her mentor, she doesn’t act very respectful.

A lot of organizations have asked Callaway Gardens if they could also host walks through Fantasy in Lights.

Nope. It’s a March of Dimes event, and has been since 1992. Because President Franklin D. Roosevelt began March of Dimes while rehabbing at Warm Springs, Callaway Gardens officials thought MOD was the perfect match. And it is.

Tickets to Nightwalk are $16 and $8.50 for children 6-12. Children younger than 5 get in free, but must have a free child’s ticket. You can pick up kids’ tickets when you buy the others.

You can’t ride bicycles, scooters, skates or skateboards. Pets are not allowed.

Parents may bring umbrella strollers and wagons for their little ones.

But I beg you to watch where you’re going. It’s dark and crowded with walkers. I don’t know how many times I’ve been run over by someone pushing a stroller. It hurts.

So try not to stop abruptly to look at the lights.

I always have a good time. Unless I’m run over by a baby stroller.

Call 706-660-0160.

Steeplechase fashion

The 25th annual Steeplechase at Callaway Gardens last Saturday was just about perfect. The weather was perfect, but maybe a little too warm for early November. There were people who dressed for the early Saturday temperature, who were very sorry by the time noon rolled around. I saw a lot of sweaty people in gorgeous sweaters.

And like a dummy, I was in all black, though not in a sweater.

Our her magazine table was just in front of the arts tent and was the perfect place for people-watching. It seemed that almost every woman (and teens and little girls) wore boots of some kind. But what they were paired with was something else. Boots and sundresses. Boots with sweater dresses. Boots and practically everything else. I wore boots with black jeans and a black long-sleeved shirt.

It was so hot that I knew I’d get sunburned if I didn’t cover my face. So I bought a fancy straw hat. I would have bought a more seasonal one but I couldn’t bear to wear a wool hat Saturday. Too hot.

Even though I was working, I had a lot of fun. I saw a lot of friends and met a bunch of new people.

If you’ve never been to Steeplechase, I would suggest it. Even if you have no interest in horse racing, just remember that it benefits the arts. In the past 25 years, arts organizations in Columbus have received $2.5 million.

And you’ll have a lot of fun.

Another death in the arts world

Eleanor Jones, who began the Springer Children’s Theater with her late husband, Charles, when the Springer reopened in the early 1960s, died Nov. 3 in Omaha.

Ever since I began covering the arts, I’d heard stories about the legendary Joneses.

I didn’t meet them until a few years ago when they came back to direct “Wynnton Dazzle.”

Less than a year later, Mr. Jones had died of complications of a stroke suffered years before.

Now, Mrs. Jones, 69, has died.

That means a chapter of the Springer Opera House has ended.

My condolences to their sons Geoffrey and Jonathan. Her mother, Elean Brodie, still lives in Pleasant Grove, Ala.

My apologies to the Kruger family

A friend of mine called and asked if Harry and Natalie Kruger’s son was still living.

I said, “What son?”

I had never met their son William, and just knew Anna and Rebecca. My sincere apologies to William.

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