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Regiment re-designated as 316th Cavalry Brigade

Fort Knox’s 16th Cavalry Regiment underwent historical changes July 7. During a change of command ceremony held at Brooks Field, the regiment was re-designated as the 316th Cavalry Brigade.

“It’s a day of mixed emotions as we officially retire the colors of the 16th Cavalry Regiment and reactivate the heritage, the lineage, and the honors of the 316th Cavalry Brigade,” said MG Michael Ferriter, commander of the Maneuver Center of Excellence, Fort Benning.

“Although the name has changed, the mission of this great unit will remain the same.”

After the colors of the 16th Cavalry Regiment were cased, the colors of the 316th Cavalry Brigade were uncased. Then the brigade was re-designated and the troops changed their patches. Following the re-patching ceremony, COL Leopoldo Quintas handed over command of the brigade to COL Marshall Dougherty Jr.

“Throughout (Quintas’) two years in command, he provided leadership and direction that was paramount to successfully train 5,000 Armor and Cavalry Soldiers, noncommissioned officers, and leaders for this Army at war,” Ferriter said. “He transitioned 2nd Squadron, 16th Cavalry from a committee group training model to a troop class model…He (also) deployed and redeployed nearly 800 Soldiers from the 19th Engineer Battalion and nearly 200 Soldiers from the 233rd Transportation Company.

“Thank you for your dedication to Soldiers,” he said. “You always lead from the front, you are a consummate team player, and I wish you the best luck in your new role as the chief for Dominant Maneuver with the G8 Force (Development) Directorate (at the Pentagon).” As Ferriter said thank you and farewell to Quintas and his family, he also welcomed the new commander.

“Throughout (Dougherty’s) 24 years in the military, (he) has served at the troop and squadron levels at Fort Hood, Fort Lewis, Fort Polk, the Texas National Guard, and Mannheim, Germany,” Ferriter said. “He’s led Soldiers in combat and he’s prepared Soldiers for combat so I am confident that he’s ready to train and prepare the next generation of mounted warriors to fight and win on the battlefield.”

“It’s been my honor to lead the team in front of you,” Quintas said. “Not on the field are the many civilians who make key contributions to our mission every day. Without them we simply couldn’t get the job done.

“Today marks a historic transition for this team, not only for the re-designation to the 316th Cavalry Brigade, but more importantly, because it signifies the irrevocable shift in focus and effort to the movement and closure of our personnel, resources, and mission to the Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning.”

Quintas then went on to thank his fellow commanders, Fort Knox Commanding General LTG Benjamin Freakley, and Ferriter for their support and leadership.

“(Lori and I) wish you all good luck and safe travels,” he said. “May God bless our Soldiers and their families and the great nation they serve.”

Quintas then signed off and handed over the microphone to the incoming commander.

Dougherty, who was stationed at Fort Knox previously for the Armor Officers Basic Course, also thanked the guests in attendance as well as the troops on the field.

“(My wife) Tracy and I are humbled to be blessed with this opportunity. It’s really like coming home to return here to Fort Knox and join the 316th Cavalry,” Dougherty said. “The reputation that this organization enjoys is legendary throughout the force.”

He kept his comments short due to the slowly increasing heat, but closed with a quote from Robert E. Lee.

“I pledge to always strive to do my duty in all things. As a great leader once said, ‘You cannot do more; you should never wish to do less …”