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Five-on-five tourney continues

Only three contests remain before the winner of the five-on-five basketball tournament is decided. The stakes? A laptop computer for each member of the winning team.

The tournament, Saving Teens Outreach Project, is open to teens ages 13-18.

The single-elimination tournament consists of 12 minutes of play per game and points are accumulative. After each event, the first-place team gets 10 points, second gets five and third gets three. Every team gets a point for competing. Total points will be added Aug. 20 to determine the winner. The team with the most points wins the laptops.

The tournaments have become popular, said Dorrie Wagner, Child, Youth and School Services sports specialist.

“This is something fun for the teens,” she said. “And it keeps them out of trouble.”

The five-on-five event in late June yielded the highest attendance yet — 150 teens, Wagner said.

So far, there have been three five-on-fives with the Brick Squad winning two, but its chances of winning a third tournament July 9 were smashed in the first round, where it fell to the Dream Team, who finished first.

“It was close for a minute, but we had too many turnovers,” said 18-year-old Anthony Wright, Brick Squad team captain. “We would have locked up the competition if we had won this one. We’ll do better next time.”Since Brick Squad won the first two five-on-five competitions, the team is still in the hunt for the laptops.

“I would love to win a laptop — I could use it for school,” said Wright, who will head to Savannah State University in the fall.

Birdie Jones of Dream Team said the victory was sweet.

“It feels good to beat an undefeated team,” Jones, said. “We played good defense and we played team ball. If we play hard in the next game, we can win the whole thing.”

Dream Team won against the Blue Devils in the final game to earn 10 points toward their team total. The next contest will be July 23, followed by two five-on-fives Aug. 9 and 20. All games will be from 6 to 11 p.m.

Registration isn’t required. Just show up.

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