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New site provides best safety practices for privately owned weapons, firearms

FORT RUCKER, Ala. — A new interactive site, called Firearms Safety Techniques, was developed by the U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center to help reduce off-duty accidental firearms incidents and is now available online.“It is intended to educate Soldiers, families and civilians about privately owned firearms safety,” said Dr. Patricia LeDuc, director of the USACR/Safety Center’s Human Factors Task Force.

The site includes information and video challenges, which highlight aspects of safe firearms handling and combine safe practices and safety messaging into an enjoyable experience, said Ray Baker, FST program manager, Human Factors Task Force.

The video challenges are a different way of communicating with Soldiers and family members about safe weapons handling in a fun, non-threatening, non-confrontational manner, LeDuc said.

In the Transporter video challenge, players participate in a timed event to demonstrate their knowledge of proper unloading sequences and transportation best practices.

The TriggerTech video challenge prompts players to use their mouse or touch pad to perform a series of individual firearms handling steps to execute safe weapons handling sequences.

In the nFocus challenge, players participate in a series of tasks that center on increasing awareness of the dangers associated with environmental and physical impairments, such as foul weather, lack of sleep and the effects of medication.

During this virtual simulator experience at the nFocus Laboratory, the player attempts to shoot targets to score points as the impairment progressively becomes more and more severe.

FST was developed to address factors which commonly contribute to privately owned weapons accidents, such as failure to treat firearms as if they were loaded and failing to clear the chambers of rounds.

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