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South Lumpkin Road gate to close Nov. 1

Starting Nov. 1, Fort Benning will permanently close the Access Control Point 1 on South Lumpkin Road. The South Lumpkin Road access control point was established as a temporary measure and is only open for incoming traffic during morning hours Monday through Friday. Closure is required to facilitate traffic flow through the access control point located on Fort Benning Boulevard and to provide manpower for the new Harmony Church ACP.

To reduce any negative impact on the community, the near-term solution is to divert traffic to and from South Lumpkin Road through the parking lot of the National Infantry Museum to Benning Road.A new road between South Lumpkin and Benning Road is already being planned, and if funding is approved, construction could begin as early as next year.

Other major construction plans include opening the new Harmony Church access control point next year, and widening Dixie Road, which will be completed next September.