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Frightful good time: Visit Six Flags in October for thrills, chills

Ghouls, goblins, witches and zombies — if you haven’t seen any wandering around the tricommunity, it’s because they’re all at Six Flags Over Georgia for the annual Fright Fest.

During the day, the 100-acre metro Atlanta park boasts its regular lineup of heart-pounding loops, dips and drops, but at night it becomes a hub for the undead and otherworldly. Are those actors in costume or mad doctors and evil clowns? Be careful: they may surprise you and they love to make people scream.

Throughout the month of October, Fright Fest is a great way for all ages to get into the spirit of Halloween. And you can customize the level of terror you want.

Fun and Family

Little ones who want to bypass the scares can pick up a free Ghoul-B-Gone ring. The charm works like magic when they show it to a ghost or goblin — the offending creature will slink away without so much as saying, “boo.”Children 12 and younger are invited to participate in a non-scary costume contest. Other activities include crafts, story time, a corn maze and mini-pumpkin painting. Children can also enjoy trick-or-treating around the park with free candy passed out by friendly spooks.

Youngsters will have plenty of other places to play in Bugs Bunny World, a haven for even the youngest Six Flags visitor. Rides include a train, miniature Ferris wheel, a flying plane and swings. Other kid-friendly attractions are located throughout the park, including many, such as the splash-laden Log Jamboree, that are perfect for the whole family.

Scares and Screams

Most of the “creatures” don’t start coming out until late afternoon, so the park remains pretty tame during daylight. You’ll see plenty of cobwebs, a bloody fountain and other ghostly decorations, but the real fun starts as the sun sets.

That’s when the shrieking begins as characters walk among the guests.

Join Baron Von Vile each evening as he kicks off the night’s revelry with a “call to his minions” on the USA Stage.It’s one of many shows unique to the October season. You can also laugh it up with Bad Bob the Bone Butcher or Grouchy Griswold and be amazed by unlikely feats at the Freak Show. Or dance along with the spooks at Mr. Six’s Spooktacular Dance Party, where even the undead can manage perfect choreography.

Dr. Fright’s CarnEvil, at the Crystal Pistol Music Hall, draws large crowds for a circus-style act with a wide-range of ghastly but talented performers.

There are also two Halloween attractions open to patrons for an additional fee: The Last Ride and Dr. Fright’s Frightorium.

The former is a simulated ride where guests literally step into the grave to experience what being buried alive would be like. The Frightorium is a haunted house presided over by the crazy Dr. Fright himself. There are several exits throughout the walk for those who want a way out before it’s too late and the mad doctor takes their brain. Don’t worry — the special effects and talented cast make it as authentic as you could want.For more information, visit