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World's top snipers named

The results are in from the International Sniper Competition held at Fort Benning Oct. 11-15.

The top three teams in each category, as well as the overall winning team, were announced Friday at an awards banquet honoring the competitors.

The overall winners, SFC Edward Hoymeyer and SFC Chance Giannelli, from the Special Forces Sniper School at Fort Bragg, N.C., scored 1,258 points out of a possible 1,507 during the competition.

SGT Andrew McElroy and SSG Caleb Perkins, of 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment took third place in the open class.Top shooters from across the globe competed in the 10th annual International Sniper Competition, including teams from Taiwan, Canada, Spain, Germany and Ireland.

Thirty-two teams competed this year, including seven foreign, three law enforcement and 22 U.S. military teams. The two-man teams competed in 14 events including a sniper stalk, urban shooting and orienteering exercises, firing under stressful conditions and other tests of marksmanship and sniper skills.

In keeping with last year’s competition, the teams were divided into two categories, service class and open class. Service class competitors fired 7.62 mm or smaller rounds as a primary or secondary weapon system, the open class was for teams firing rounds in a caliber larger than 7.62 mm.

Last year’s winners were a Marine Corps team from the Scout Sniper School at Camp Pendleton, Calif., which won the service class and the overall title, and a team from the 194th Armored Brigade, which won the open class.

Overall Winners by points:

Team # 26 (D CO SWTG) Special Forces Sniper School

Service Class

1.Team # 26 (D CO SWTG) Special Forces Sniper School

2.Team # 30 USMC Scout Sniper (Camp Pendelton, Calif.)

3.Team # 20 USMC (SSC DET, Hawaii)

Open Class

1. Team # 23 (USASOC)

2. Team # 25 (D CO SWTG) Special Forces Sniper School

3. Team # 19 (HHC, 3/75 Ranger Regt.)