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Mustangs snap Black Knights' perfect record

The 9- to 12-year-old Mustangs scored early in the fourth quarter Saturday, shattering the Black Knights’ undefeated record in Child, Youth and School Services football at Green Field.

On the Mustangs’ second possession in the first quarter, Bryant Knight recorded a safety to put the Black Knights on top, 2-0. The Black Knights held the lead until David Johnson scored for the Mustangs on a 35-yard run to give them the lead 8-2 and end the first half.

In the third quarter, the Black Knights’ Joshua Youngblood scored on a 5-yard touchdown run, to go back on top, 11-8. Johnson opened the fourth quarter with another 35-yard touchdown run to cement the win, 14-10.

“We were a little shaky in the beginning, but we came back,” said Johnson, 11. “We haven’t played them before. It feels good to beat them because they were undefeated. We were able to hold them before they could score (in the fourth quarter).”

Mustangs quarterback Elijah Poeasants said this was the second time the Mustangs have beaten an undefeated team.

“We had some doubts at first that we might not win, because we weren’t really doing well on blocking in practice but we played well,” Poeasants said.

Coach John Pizzi of the Mustangs said he was impressed with the team.

“They worked really hard and they keep improving, so that’s good,” he said. “I am very happy with the way they played. They stayed together and everyone played as a team.” The Mustangs are now 3-2, while the Black Knights are 3-1.