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When did the Don start running for president?

Hey, we here at PP&B are all about keeping up with the Kardashians of politics, but there's something we missed: Donald Trump is running for president.

Or is he? At this stage, is anyone officially running for president? Sure, you've got people making shuffling noises over in Iowa. Ron Paul is sniffling his way around the small government types who hate the idea of having to pay any taxes. Haley Barbour is surprisingly absent from the crucial caucus state, though his name still appears in news accounts.

But Donald Trump? Really? When was the last time a reality show star won any sort of political race?

(Wait, there's Sean Duffy from Wisconsin but he at least was an elected prosecutor before running for Congress.)

We just think it's madness to throw our support behind a guy who tried to trademark the phrase "you're fired." Do we really need someone with a master's degree in going bankrupt to hold executive power in the country? Aren't our current elected officials going bankrupt just fine?

What shot does Trump really have? Steve Forbes gave the presidency a shot a couple of times and the voters let him know what they thought of his brand of conservatism. Shouldn't Trump be judging pizza contests instead of putting out political feelers?

We'll chalk it up to the madness of a two-year political process that's still in its infancy. Many of the candidates will grow up real fast when they realize they don't have a chance of ever hearing the words "you're hired."