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Southern Fried Burlesque Fest in Atlanta this weekend

From Burlesque [ber-lesk] noun1) an artistic composition, especially literary or dramatic, that, for the sake of laughter, vulgarizes lofty material or treats ordinary material with mock dignity. 2) any ludicrous parody or grotesque caricature. 3) a humorous and provocative stage show featuring slapstick humor, comic skits, bawdy songs, striptease acts, and a scantily clad female chorus.

This weekend in Atlanta, the first Southern Fried Burlesque Fest will take place, beginning with a movie screening Thursday night and wrapping up with a show at 1 p.m. on Sunday.

The festival will be held at the Holiday Inn, 130 Clairemont Ave., Decator, Ga., 30030.

The event includes shows, classes and a Southern Fried Burlesque pageant.

It's $200 for a weekend pass and individual tickets range from $10-$50, depending on the event.

I've never been to anything like this but it looks interesting and sort of awesome. I suppose it could go either way. It's certainly not a family event, but some of the classes would be fun to take with a group of friends.

Atlanta seems to have at least a moderate burlesque culture. I love the look of retro/pinup styles and burlesque is sort of an offshoot of that — but, true or not, it's got a dirtier connotation.

There's a fun interview with Atlanta burlesque performer Ursula Undress in this month's Pin Curl Magazine.

Anyone been to a burlesque show before or plan on going to the festival this weekend?