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It's even scarier in Japan now

While my mother and I were talking to Kotoe and her mother just now, the Skype connection kept getting cut.

The last time we spoke before getting cut off, they said there was another tremor. We couldn't see anything swaying, but they could feel it.

We told them that we'll call them again later.

Kotoe said she went to the station yesterday but it was so crowded that she couldn't get on the train. She's taking classes now to work in the medical field and couldn't get to the school. When she called, they said the classes were canceled because the train service is still sporadic.

Aunt Mizue said she went to the grocery store and there wasn't any bread or some other staples. The shelves were bare.

And they're in Tokyo, 200 miles away from the Sendai area, where the most damage was done.

I told them to come here for the time being. they laughed.

The more serious concern, of course, is the radiation. They've heard reports that the levels are getting higher, even in Tokyo.

So, as I said before, I guess it's a wait and see situation all around.