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Fort Benning gathers for prayer

At Fort Benning’s celebration of the National Prayer Breakfast Monday, Chaplain (Brig. Gen.) Donald Rutherford, deputy chief of chaplains for the Army, spoke about “vision.”

“It’s what we do in the military,” he said. “We give hope and vision to those who are in trouble, those who may be struggling. But you can’t rest on your accomplishments. The Lord has called every one of you to build upon the vision he has given to you to make things better.”

Being a Soldier or family member, Rutherford said, is a unique calling, and everyone at Fort Benning is here with a purpose.

“(All) of you in this community are called ... to be men and women of vision,” said Rutherford, who will become the next chief of chaplains this summer. “It’s dreaming as to what could make our world better. It’s also (being) able to communicate that dream and that vision.

The ceremony included prayers and music from people of different faith backgrounds. Pfc. Deandra Jenkins, chaplain assistant for 3rd Battalion, 47th Infantry Regiment, said she appreciated the breakfast included individuals from all walks of life.

“No matter who you believe in, we’re all here representing the same thing,” she said. “You’re talking about a time where we can come together for prayer and for worship. I think it’s very vital for the military to continue to do these types of events. It keeps America strong.”