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The GOP playbook, or why Barack Obama is just a very bad person

So here we here, completely embroiled in the 2012 presidential campaign and not one worthy Republican has tossed his or hat in the ring.

Well, we do have Newt Gingrich thinking about taking another itsy bitsy step toward pondering about announcing for the presidency. And Mitt Romney has spoken to some people, somewhere, and maybe winked a time or two. But, really, where's the robust candidacies of the GOP of yesteryear?

According to one astute commentator, the GOPers are busy. But instead of making honest strides toward mounting a campaign, they're just slamming Barack Obama with half baked doom and gloom and not much else.

Obama will bankrupt us much like ancient Greece (and you know what else ancient Greece is remembered for, right? Exactly. I bet Obama supports that, too.) Obama grew up in Kenya and learned much from his Kenyan father. Obama will destroy the country ... unless, of course, you vote for someone other that him come November 2012.

Unfortunately, not Newt or Huckabee or anybody has yet to reveal a plan void of rhetoric that seeks to solve all the pseudo complaints the conservatives are uttering. It's all smoke and mirrors, a picture of words that plays on the fears and dislike some people have for Obama.

Great job, guys. You've reinforced the hate that some people already have for the president. But what about those independents who might actually do their own research into a candidate before choosing their choice for president?

When that time comes, we hope you can do better than a reference to his Kenyan father.