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Another update from Tokyo

My mother and spoke to Kotoe and her mother on Skype and they said the aftershocks still keep coming. And the grocery store shelves are getting more and more bare.

They said the earthquakes are scary; the tsunami is scary but the scariest of all is the radiation.

I haven't heard of any big telethons yet, but people are sending money. Sandra Bullock has donated $1 million to the Red Cross.

Most of you have probably never heard a group called X Japan, a Japanese rock group. The leader, Yoshiki, is putting his "crystal" piano up for auction, and donating all the proceeds to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

I didn't know that Yoshiki is now living in Los Angeles, but he was in a Tokyo recording studio when the earthquake hit.

He said his mother is fine and so are his band members.

X Japan is recording its first album that will be released in America.

So I guess Japanese celebrities will start raising money for the recovery of Japan. But now, economists are saying it will take five years.

Click here to go to the Yoshiki Foundation.