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Youth Orchestra once again holds Maestro for a Moment competition

Last year, Rick McKnight, Susan Andrews and Billy Blanchard competed to be the Maestro for a Moment. The person who raised the most money got to conduct the Youth Orchestra of Greater Columbus.

There was some trash talking, mostly by Rick.

I believe even though he was the only one with a music background, he lost to the bank president.

This year, Ed Bostic, Cindy Garrard and Joey Loudermilk are all raising money to help the YOGC.

I didn't know the YOGC was doing this again until I got a release that said the campaign kicked off on Feb. 6 during the orchestra's annual pops concert.

Here's what the three said during the Feb. 6 concert when they introduced themselves.

Bostic, a long-time radio disc jockey at Boomer 95.3, said he deserved to be the conductor because "I grew up poor, walked to school, uphill both ways, barefoot in the snow. My dream was to wave a stick and make people do what I want. Vote for me and make a poor boy's dream come true."

Garrard, a pastor at St. Luke United Methodist Church, said, "I was chosen as a candidate for my connections to the big guy upstairs. Vote for me or your duck will go belly up and your radio station will go to all Zydeco music."

Loudermilk, an executive at Aflac, said, "It's not fair! I don't have a radio show or a direct line to heaven. I just work for a duck. I'm the underdog, so please vote for me."

Each vote is $1.

As of 10 p.m. Tuesday, here are the totals: Bostic, 382; Garrard, 575; Loudermilk, 536.

Call 706-256-3614.

Click here to vote.