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Obamacare: the true story!

Ever wonder how people get cush jobs sending out heavy handed partisan emails? We sure have. For example, we're terribly interested to know how Andrea Bozek, regional press secretary with the National Republican Congressional Committee, got her current sweet job. It certainly wasn't by being "fair and balanced." Take a look at this recent gem. Our snarky comments are in bold:

Good Afternoon,

Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the Democrats’ trillion-dollar government takeover of healthcare. On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the plan into law, yet one year later we are still learning about its burdensome regulations, growing price tag and job-destroying tax increases. PP&B's paycheck has actually increased since Obamacare went into effect. Thanks, evil Democrats!

When voting to pass this legislation Democrats like Rep. Sanford Bishop made a lot of promises.

Knowing what we know today about ObamaCare, does Rep. Sanford Bishop stand by his vote in support of the plan? Is the pope Catholic? Does any member of an entrenched political establishment support his party? Come on, Andrea, you've got to ask better questions.

The American people, especially small business owners, face rising premiums despite promises by Democrats that these would decrease by about $2,500 per family.

Many Americans are losing their current coverage, despite repeated promises that if you like your plan, you can keep it. As many as 70 – 80% of small businesses will be forced to give up their current plans. We just made up these numbers. Please, don't do your own research to see if we're wrong.

Cost projections by top Democrats have been proven wrong, and the result is new government spending which will pile up even more federal debt. Claims that ObamaCare reduces the deficit have been labeled “bogus” by the Washington Post. Claims that the Washington Post is worth reading have been labeled "false."

As the Associated Press reported in January, “The idea that Obama’s health care law saves money for the government is based on assumptions that are arguable, at best.”

According to CNN Opinion Research, 50 percent of Americans oppose most or all of ObamaCare. So, 50 percent of Americans support most or all of Obamacare? Jeez ...

NRCC Comment: “Despite Sanford Bishop’s promises, the side effects of ObamaCare one year later is worse than we expected. Bishop’s refusal to repeal the $1 trillion government takeover of healthcare has saddled future generations with mountains of debt and dramatically increased healthcare costs for Georgia’s middle-class families.”

- NRCC Spokeswoman Andrea Bozek

We suppose that with an email such as this, you can just remove the representative's name, insert another, send those new emails out to a different congressional district and leave work early on Friday.

And that is what conservatism is really all about.