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Hunting for a prince

Prince William may be off the market (he's due to marry Kate Middleton in April), but that hasn't stopped some women in their pursuit of a prince. Their new target? His redheaded younger brother, Harry.

This article reports on Harry Hunters, American girls who travel to England and stalk the prince's favorite nightclubs and hangouts, with the express purpose of meeting, seducing and marrying Prince Harry.

These women don't play around. From the article:

McKinley takes her princess prep seriously. She reads magazines with names like Majesty and Royalty. She studies the historical monarchy. And in high school, she even abstained from dating, figuring she would “hold out for royalty.” Now, she spends her weekends dragging classmates to Harry’s favorite restaurants and waiting for fate to strike. Her parents are skeptical, but McKinley is confident she will one day find her prince. “I’m one of those people who only reads books with happy endings,” she says.

There's a small part of me that admires her gumption and perseverance in going after her goals, but the rest of me thinks she's crazy. She's decided she wants Prince Harry and she's going to do anything to get him. Sounds like reality show gold.

One thing that annoys me about this article: it doesn't really address why these women want to marry royalty. Is it for the social influence? The riches? The fame? The tiara? Or do they really believe that Harry is Prince Charming and that a royal marriage equals happily ever after?

Also it makes me wonder: if the situations were reversed and Harry were a princess instead of a prince (Princess Harriet?) would there be men acting this way? Or is royalty hunting a strictly female obsession? If so, why?