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A wonderful night for an ArtWalk

It was a perfect night for the Columbus ArtWalk.

I started out at the Columbus Bank & Trust Uptown, where one of the courtyards was turned into a huge art studio where local artists helped out dozens of children who were painting their hearts out.

A string quartet of Columbus State University Schwob School of Music played while some of the young artists sketched the musicians.

Others farther away painted whatever they wanted. A young friend of mine, Temple Douglass was painting a gorgeous woman in a ballgown. When I asked her father, Karl, if they were going to the W.C. Bradley Co. Museum, he said no, because she was going to use some other media to paint another picture.

Inside the bank, I found two galleries that I never knew existed. It is the perfect place to show Bo Bartlett's journals, sketchbooks and some of his smaller paintings and drawings.

I know I'm not supposed to be eating sweets, but I just had to have a cake lollipop. It was banana bread shaped like a Tootsie Pop, dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with little candy flowers. It was heavenly and I swear that was the only sweet thing I ate all night.

I was looking for the shuttle to take me to Front Avenue, but I couldn't find it. So I walked to the Corn Center for the Visual Arts to see the paintings of home by Bo. On the way over, I heard someone whistling to get my attention. It was Bo and his wife, Betsy Eby. They snuck out the back way of the Corn Center so they could get to the Bradley Co. Museum. We promised to see each other before they left.

Of course, on the two-block walk over, I saw not only one shuttle, but two!

In the Corn Center, there was another huge gathering of people, this time with music by a CSU jazz combo, led by Alex Pershounin. They are really, really good.

The Illges Gallery is showing some of Bo's newer works. These are the ones he said have never "met before." And they are spectacular.

After talking with some friends, some of whom I haven't seen in ages like Chris Henson, I made my way over to the Bradley Co. Museum.

These paintings, I'm familiar with because many of them were in the retrospective at the Columbus Museum. It was like visiting old friends. Bo had written some really nice notes for most of them.

It was great to see artists at all three venues. I was especially glad to see Bruno Zupan and his lovely wife, Jane. I told him he needs to be the subject of the next ArtWalk.

I'll have to go visit Bruno's Columbus studio to see his most recent work.

And did I say the weather was perfect?

The whole evening was perfect.

Congratulations to the people who worked so hard to make this happen. I'm not sure exactly who they were, but I'm sure Joe Sanders, chair of the CSU art department, Steve Butler of the W.C. Bradley Co., Billy Blanchard of CB&T, Jan Miller, Jon Lumpkin and, of course, Bo, worked very hard and it showed.

Everyone was saying how wonderful the night was.