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Page One

The best thing we at the Ledger-Enquirer do every year is the Page One Awards.

It's the annual awards that are given to the top high school students in 13 categories, plus for the top teacher.

Ever since we started the award, I've been part of the program, whether being on stage being the one to shows the student where to stand, to giving out awards, to helping with judging or registering them when they come to the venue.

For the first 25 years, it was in the Three Arts Theater and in 2002, moved to the Bill Heard Theatre.

Now in its 36th year, it'll be back in the Heard Theatre.

Saturday morning, it was judging day and a couple of hundred students and teachers came in to talk to the judges. Some were visibly nervous, others seem calm, but I'm sure all of them were excited.

It's great fun for those of us who volunteer.

As much fun as we have talking to these young people, the ceremony is even better. And every year, I'm always amazed at the job Debbie King and Jenny Chandler do every years. I think Jenny and I are the only ones left at the L-E who have worked the Page One Awards since the very first year. I think I've only missed three years when I was on vacation, one in Florida, once in Japan and once in Las Vegas.

I love my job and being part of Page One is like the icing on the cake!

I'll see you in May at the Heard Theatre.