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Update: An uncertain future for AMC's 'Man Men'

Dear AMC,

Don't take my "Mad Men" away!


Katie McCarthy

I think someone needs to start a campaign letting AMC know that they are being stupid. Those big dumb dummies.

Sorry for the childish language, but I'm feeling a bit tantrum-y right now.

In addition to the news that the fifth season, which hasn't even been confirmed(!), won't air at it's usual time this summer, now there's rumors the show could get canceled all together. The Daily is reporting that AMC is pushing "Mad Men" creator Matt Weiner for more influence over the show, wanting to cut three minutes from each episode (so they can sell 6 more 30-second ads) and get rid of two characters.

What, like giving up Sal and Mrs. Blankenstrip wasn't enough? Can't the demand be retroactive?

All this in the name of AMC's bottom line.

The channel wants to make more money off the show that made them relevant, at the cost of losing the show — or at the very least Matt Weiner, which is pretty much equivalent to losing the show.

A source told The Daily: "Weiner just may walk away from the show, and AMC execs are threatening to go ahead with 'Mad Med' without Weiner, but that would be like doing 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' without Larry David."


So, back to my original point: AMC, stop being stupid.

UPDATE: While we're still looking at a delayed fifth season, it looks like there will, in fact, be a fifth season. It's good to know AMC isn't that stupid.

Though I'm still pouting about having to wait until 2012 for more Sterling Cooper Draper Price drama.