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Miss GA contender: Cierra Jackson, Miss Brookhaven 2011

Title: Miss Brookhaven 2011

Age: 18

School: Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia

Platform: Reaching High with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Hometown: Born in Bowling Green, Kentucky; raised in Columbus, Georgia

Educational goals: To be inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor

Society my freshman year and Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society my Junior year

Career Aspirations: To Obtain my Judicial Doctorate

Family: Mother is Dr. C. Freeman-Jackson, father is 1 SGT Gregory K. Jackson

Have you competed in Miss Georgia before? No, I have not. This is my first year competing in the Miss Georgia Pageant.

Why is your platform special to you? My platform is special to me because its purpose is to make a positive impact on the children in my communities through teaching, coaching, cooking, mentoring and tutoring. My plan is to not only teach children in my communities the fundamentals of living a positive and healthy life, but to help promote and maintain the motto of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America: To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Oftentimes, Boys and Girls Clubs cater to many poverty stricken children, who often live on welfare. Many of these children have been stereotyped as a youth group that will not succeed in life and will forever be dependent on the government’s help. This has been my inspiration. My goal is to make sure all of the children in a neighborhood will have a positive image of what it means to live a positive and healthy life.

What community issues would you most like to see addressed in the next year? The two community issues I would most like to see addressed within the next year would be the issue of the uneducated from a financial and economical stand point. The next issue I would like to be addressed would be more support for our military and their families. In America it is no secret that our economy is not at its strongest. With prominent issues like unemployment and gas prices at all time highs, together as a country I feel the only way to fight these issues is through financial education. I also feel that our military and their families are not receiving the gratitude that they deserve. Being a child of a solider, I know first hand what it feels like to be in a family where your father or uncle has to deploy for 6 months to a year. The remaining family members have to deal with so many emotions and so much stress just to maintain while the other family member is away. I feel a lot of gratitude and support is due to our military families. We should try our hardest to show them and their families that we care.

What makes you nervous and what excites you about the Miss Georgia competition? As a contestant in the Miss Georgia Pageant, I am always thinking about the days when I will be competing in the pageant. Many emotions, like being anxious, or excited come across me. However, I know the only reason I may become nervous is because I want to do well and achieve. Knowing that my nervousness stems from my desire to achieve, I don’t become as nervous anymore.

How do you define beauty? I feel beauty cannot be defined and it certainly cannot be broken down into a set science. Every person has something that makes them beautiful so there is no prescribed definition.

How do you stay healthy and fit? I stay healthy and fit by making sure I make healthy food choices through my personal balanced diet. I also make sure I am fit by running or dancing ballet.

What fashions do you love and loathe? When it comes to fashion, I feel that everyone has their own. My personal style would be classy with bright, statement-making colors. So, what I wear is what I like. I don’t personally loathe any type of fashion, it just might not be something I’d wear.

What struggles do you think women face in today’s society? I feel women’s biggest struggle today is believing in themselves. If women believed more in themselves, they would be able to achieve so much more than they are already achieving in life.

Who do you admire and why? I admire Mother Teresa and Jeff Johnson for their philosophies on life and how they have constantly searched for truth in their lives and to persevere. Their philosophies are ones that I try to reflect in my life. I always seek to persevere and find the truth in everything that I do.

What books have inspired you and what do you enjoy reading just for fun? The Bible is the book that has inspired me to strive to be the best person I can possibly be. I enjoy reading the Bible just for fun because it is an investment to make myself a better person.

What songs are on your iPod? “Video” and “Heart of the Matter” by India.Arie. I could listed to “Heart of the Matter” on repeat all day long.