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Help break world record during National Bowling Week

National Bowling Week will culminate Saturday at Fort Benning with an attempt to break the world record of most bowling games played in one day. National Bowling Week began Sunday with activities at the Fort Benning Mall Bowling Center and Family Entertainment Center.

Last year, Fort Benning placed first among military bowling centers in number of games played with 1,988 games, said Tracy Locklear, manager for the Mall Bowling Center.

“What the day does is to try to bring focus and attention to what a great sport bowling is — recreation or competitive — whatever you’d like it to be,” Locklear said. “It’s a great family sport. You can do it from about age 18 months to 108.”

On Saturday, participants will be able to play for as long as there aren’t people waiting; otherwise, the maximum is three games. But you can get back in line to play again, Locklear said. Each game is half-priced at $2 and shoe rentals are free.

“We’ve got some dedicated league bowlers who really enjoy participating,” Locklear said. “The public, as a whole, likes to be part of something that will set a record, and it’s a great time to bring the kids out.”

On Saturday, bowlers have the opportunity to participate in breaking the 2010 world record of 923,948 games bowled in 1,252 bowling centers throughout the U.S. Records are recognized by the Bowling Proprietor’s Association of America, United States Bowling Congress, Strike Ten Entertainment, Professional Bowlers Association and the International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructor’s Association, according to BPAA’s website.

Previous records include 741,821 games across 1,044 centers set in 2009 and the 2008 record of 548,721 across 808 centers.

Activities over the course of National Bowling Week consist of Family Day, red pin bowling and couples day. Red pin bowling gives bowlers the opportunity to receive a free game if they knock down a pin with a red tip on it.

Upcoming events include red pin bowling Thursday and bowling specials during lunch hour at the bowling center Friday.

Call the Fort Benning Mall Bowling Center and Family Entertainment Center at 706-682-7781 for more information on this week’s events.