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Rolling Stone lists the Top 10 Punk Bands of All Time, punks everywhere riot

A time long ago (OK, not soooo long ago) my dream job was to someday be an editor for Rolling Stone magazine. I wanted to take it back to it's roots ... no more Britney covers and whatnot.

And while I may have derailed (and come to the realization that I don't want to live/couldn't survive in New York City), I still like to think there is a hardcore music lover in me who can criticize with the best of them.

Presenting: A Rolling Stone Readers Poll of the Top 10 Punk Bands of All Time.

I love polls like this because I like to see where my opinion compares to the masses and I like to criticize — "I can't believe SO AND SO didn't make the list! What is wrong with people?!?!"

Here's the list:

10. Bad Brains

9. Social Distortion

8. The Misfits

7. Black Flag

6. Iggy and the Stooges

5. The Dead Kennedys

4. The Sex Pistols

3. The Ramones

2. The Clash

1. Green Day

And if you want to make the listeners of punk music mad, Rolling Stone is right on track. I'm not so sure there's anything as hotly debated as who or what is considered punk. And given that this was a readers poll, it's hard to totally blame Rolling Stone for allowing Green Day to take the number one spot. But, really, this magazine has been around long enough to know better.

I particularly like the comments on this BuzzFeed story about the poll.

Even fans of Green Day don't think they could possibly outweigh bands like The Clash or The Ramones — you know, the pioneers of the punk rock movement who are also members of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The biggest omission I noticed right away was Rancid. I would even go so for as to suggest that Dropkick Murphys deserved a place on that list. Many commenters list plenty of other punk bands that are more revered and influential within the punk community than Green Day.

But, as several of the more level-headed commenters noted, it's a popularity contest and most of the readers who voted probably aren't even punk fans. Green Day is probably the most mainstream punk band ever, which is why they made the top of the list — name recognition.