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Love Dental Clinic closed after fire

Love Dental Clinic will be closed until further notice after a weekend fire caused “considerable” interior damage to the facility, post officials said.

Fort Benning Fire and Emergency Services personnel were dispatched at 6:51 p.m. Sunday when an automatic fire alarm went off in the clinic, said Steven Lowell, the installation’s assistant chief of fire prevention.

He said the first crews arriving on scene searched the building’s exterior, mechanical room and basement areas, where light smoke was observed. Finding no cause for the smoke, they immediately forced their way into the clinic through the loading dock doors.

“A quick and aggressive interior fire attack was conducted and limited fire damage to a (2 feet by 3 feet) area,” Lowell said. “However, there was considerable smoke damage to the facility, equipment and supplies.”

Fort Benning Fire Prevention authorities haven’t determined an exact cause of the fire but suspect an overheated electrical oscillating desk fan left running on a dental exam chair, he said.

During the Love Dental Clinic closure, sick-call patients should report to Bernheim Dental Clinic. Officials said more information would follow once details are worked out.

Unplug portable electronic equipment

Fort Benning Fire Prevention officials urge personnel to unplug all portable electric equipment when it’s not in use, in accordance with MCoE Regulation 420-90. Surge protectors and uninterruptable power supply systems, known as UPS, also should not be plugged into each other, and only one surge protector may be plugged into an outlet at a time.

For more information, contact Assistant Chief of Fire Prevention Steven Lowell at 706-545-0283 or