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A Missing Child

My heart sank when I heard that a 5-year-old boy was missing. A student at Wesley Heights Elementary School was last seen at the bus stop in front of the school. He never made it home.

Then we heard that he simply went on the wrong bus. At work, we thought that the teacher should have made sure he got on the right bus.

The real hero was the bus driver who went looking for him after she dropped off the last child on the bus.

He had gone to the Boys & Girls Club with a friend.

Now the school will pin child's name and bus number on every student. That's a great idea.

When my niece Jessica was in middle school, Cheryl said she got home and asked Fred where Jess was. He said, "Didn't you pick her up?" Cheryl said, "No, I thought you were."

They jumped in the car and raced to the school. Cheryl said she was sitting on the curb with one of her teachers.

Disaster averted.