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SINGER® Sewing Company celebrates 160th anniversary with website, stories, giveawys

Yesterday my husband and I had "craft time."

Yeah, I know it sounds like pre-school curriculum, but I just bought a couple of retro-inspired crafting books and felt like putting them to good use.

I made a clutch purse out of an old hardcover book (a sweet Disney publication featuring Annette Funicello) and he did a glass etching (he etched the Bone Collector logo onto a beer mug so as to make the crafting experience as manly as possible).

My project was a bit more involved than his and I was happy to be able to bust out my sewing machine, a Christmas gift that I've tinkered around with but hadn't been able to put to good use yet.

The thing is, I'm not good enough to actually sew an entire project, so since this craft only required a small amount of sewing I was able to get some practice in without messing the whole thing up.

I'm sharing this with you because SINGER® Sewing Company is celebrating it's 160th anniversary for one full year, beginning this month.

They've launched a new website — — where you can find sewing facts from different eras, share a story or memory of the brand and get information about vintage machines.

Though my SINGER® story started only a short time ago, I do plan on sharing it on the website — through December, when you submit a story you also get entered to win a limited edition commemorative machine.

Hopefully, I'll be getting a lot more use out of it in the months and years to come ... I know I'll be able to make more of the clutch purses.

Anyone else working on fun crafts or sewing projects?