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Meatless Monday: Green pizza is quick and easy

It's Meatless Monday at Dawn's Dish and while I'd like to eat nothing but the pan of brownies I made yesterday, I've decided I better eat something more substantial for dinner tonight. You know, to maintain a well balanced diet and all. But, I don't want to eat anything too heavy because I want to save room for one (or two or three) brownies for dessert.

Eating Well magazine offers a recipe for vegetarian-friendly Green Pizza which takes just 30 minutes to make. Healthy and quick, that's just what I need for a Monday evening meal.

Instead of fattening pepperoni or sausage, this pizza is topped with arugula and broccoli. Rather than a tomato-based sauce it uses pesto. The name Green Pizza makes sense now, right?

This easy pizza recipe reminds me of one of my own favorites. I like to use pita bread for the crust. I love crispy pizza and pita bread crisps up perfectly in the toaster oven or under the broiler of a regular oven. I often use extra virgin olive oil as my "sauce" and fresh peppers, red onion and tomatoes as my toppings. A little bit of mozzarella (maybe half a cup) goes on top of the veggies and a bit of dried oregano is sprinkled on top of the cheese. The pizza pita takes just 5 to 7 minutes in the toaster oven. I set the oven to "toast" not "bake." When the cheese is melted and a bit tan at the edges, the pizza comes out and I put fresh basil on top. This is one of my favorite quick-fix weekday dinners. Give it a try with your favorite toppings and don't forget to save room for dessert!