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Is cheap chic?

Apparently, cheap is chic these days. I guess so, with the all of the couponing workshops and television shows.

There's a show called "Extreme Couponing" on the Travel Channel.

I'm sorry, but I just don't get it. There are people who use coupons and save hundreds of dollars. You've seen those shows where people buy boxes of cereal and hundreds of rolls of toilet paper and their garages are so full that they can't park their cars.

How do they do it?

Maybe I'm not paying attention. I figure I'm saving money when I use a $1 off coupon to buy Pup-a-

Roni treats for my dogs. Or get $1 off on contact solution.

So how come I only get one bag of dog treats or one bottle of contact solution?

I just got a press release that says September is National Coupon Month.

There's a website called that has a contest were an extreme couponer can win "a $100,000 contract." What? You don't get money? You just get more coupons?

Well, maybe you can help me become an  extreme couponer. Nah! I'm just too lazy and there's not enough room at my house for a hundred rolls of toilet paper, much less hundreds of boxes of cereal that I'll never eat.

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