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What is going on?

I'm not a structural engineer, but with the bad weather, outdoor stages are coming down. I know you can't do anything about storms and the resulting high winds, but maybe someone can do something about this?

I think about the outdoor festivals we used to have -- Riverfest and Uptown Jam. We've had bad weather for both, but nothing where the stage collapsed.

This summer, there have been four huge stage collapses.

The first was the Ottawa Bluesfest, where I don't think there were any deaths.

On Aug. 7, the stage fell during the OK Brady District Block Party in Tulsa. Again, I don't think there were any deaths.

And then on Sunday, the Indiana State Fair's stage collapse killed five and injured dozens more.

Today, word came that the stage collapsed at the Pekkelpop Festival in Hasselt, Belgium. There, three died and 70 were injured with 11 of them seriously hurt.

Like I said, there's nothing you can do about bad weather, but how about telling people to get away from the stage when there are reports of high winds? Don't we have some warning for storms with high winds? I'm not a meteorologist, either, obviously.

All of the stages I've seen in videos look alike. Just like the ones we used to have here. Where are the weak spots?

Or is it just a freakish accident of nature?