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Making up words is fantasmical

Having a degree in English (with a focus on literature, mind you, not linguistics) I pride myself on being a well-read, well-spoken and well-written individual (though I'm far from perfect and err often enough).

But since I'm also well aware of the rules of standard English, I also feel like it's well within my rights to break them as I see fit. Which I do pretty regularly.

Such as making up words. I use the term "making up" loosely because the words can be mash-ups of two or more other words or simply fun puns (and all puns are, in fact, fun).

Recently, and quite by accident, my husband and I developed a new word: Chuxtapostion.

I was explaining to him how much I like to clash things — like accessorizing in pink when I have red hair, layering a floral print shirt over one with stripes and wearing my Chucks with pearls. It was this last mismatch that I was describing as my favorite juxtaposition, when my husband thought I said Chuxtaposition and laughed at me.

I told him I wished I had said that and have since squirreled it away as a favorite pun/made up word to be used as often as possible.

I've come up with a definition:

Chuxtaposition (noun): The pairing of Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars with clothing or accessories which do not logically pair with said footwear. Examples: Wearing Chucks with a pearl necklace, wearing Chucks with an evening gown, wearing Chucks with lacy ankle socks, etc.

On a side note, isn't it insane how many different styles of Chucks are now available? Not to mention you can now create your own. I've apparently had my head in the sand the past few years. I'm still rockin' my black low-tops that are easily 10 years old.

Please feel free to share some of your own made up words in the comments or add to my list of Chuxtaposition examples.