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Bristol Palin is a poor man's Kim Kardashian

And you thought Kim Kardashian was a poor man's Lindsey Lohan. Yeah, shows just how bad things have gotten.

Why bring up all these non-entities in what is surely the Chattahoochee Valley's premiere political blog? Easy. Because Bristol Palin (who just got a new tattoo. Fabulous!) is representative of the wretched and unholy metamorphosis of the political sphere with the entertainment world.

Back in the day, we'd scoff and lightly mock when the Gipper's daughter posed naked for Playboy. We'd laugh knowingly or, alternatively, gnash our teeth at a heartless media that would report on Al Gore's kid getting a DUI.

But all these were lesser stories, not even able to rise to A1. It was a brief in the back of the paper. Nothing more.

We saw a serious sea change in the rise of Sarah Palin, perhaps the country's paragon of the new age of meshing politics and entertainment. Palin's become a caricature of herself -- a living, breathing cartoon.

It's really no surprise that her children would then become larger-than-life automatons a la Jerry Springer. Just put them on a stage, hit the "start" button and watch them spin until they run out of juice. Then wind them up and do it again.

Bristol Palin has gone from being the stereotypical daughter of a politician to a national spokesperson for abstinence to "Dancing with the Stars" to the equivalent of Heidi Montag. The media now writes stories about Bristol when she gets a tattoo.

And it's not even that good of a tattoo.

Call it what you will, but when it comes to maintaining a sense of decorum in the halls of power, Bristol just lost one for the Gipper.