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TV-watching parties: A good idea?

If you've read more than one of my blog posts, you've probably figured out that I'm a bit obsessed with "Mad Men."

And in next month's her magazine you'll find a pretty sweet little piece with tips and recipes for those planning on throwing a season five premiere (and welcome back!) party.

But I remember a couple of years ago calling around to see if any local party stores had people coming in asking for items suitable for an Oscars party. The answer was no and in a tone that implied I was an idiot for even asking.

I got an email today about how to "Throw an Oscars Party on a Budget" and while the ideas are cute, I can't imagine anyone actually doing it.

It's definitely a fun idea. And I know there are lots of people (mostly women) who used to or do get together to watch certain TV shows — "Army Wives" is one I heard about a lot and also "Grey's Anatomy" in its heyday.

But I don't know that those are parties per se.

So I'm wondering how prominent throwing a TV-watching party actually is. I'm reminded of the episode of "The Office" with the "Glee"-watching party and what a disaster that turned out to be (though on "The Office" almost every party turns into a disaster).

The term itself is almost an oxymoron: TV-watching = being quiet, sitting down, paying attention to the show. Party = being loud, mingling, paying attention to the people you're surrounded by.

The authors of "The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook," who helped me with my aforementioned article said they had lots of "Mad Men"-themed parties to attend next month, but nothing planned for the actual premiere date. Plus, they live in a larger city (Boston), which might naturally lend itself to more parties.

The ultimate exception is, of course, the Super Bowl. But that's as much about the anticipated food and fellowship as it is about the game.

The biggest issue is making sure all the people invited actually care about the TV broadcast — I really love the idea of having some friends over for the "Mad Men" premiere, decked out in swing dresses and sipping Old Fashioned cocktails, but none of my local friends are really into "Mad Men." And while they might enjoy the party, they might also distract me from enjoying the show.

What say you readers? Have you or anyone you know thrown a TV-watching party? How did it turn out? Are you planning one? (Contact me! 706-571-8515 or