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Pick it up: Post too pretty for litter

Trashy, littered, neglected. When you think of Fort Benning and the Maneuver Center of Excellence, these are not descriptions or images that immediately come to mind. Yet, this is how we present ourselves to guests, visitors and one another when we litter or choose to ignore litter that is strewn about our community.

The two primary entryways to Main Post are among the most spectacular in all of the Department of Defense. The drive along Benning Boulevard, lined with beautiful trees and the majestic National Infantry Museum, makes Soldiers, civilians, Families and visitors feel like they are truly home as they come onto the installation. The beautifully designed Fort Benning gateway at Interstate 185 has no equal and instills a great deal of pride in everyone who travels this route. But when these areas are strewn with trash, it detracts from everything the MCoE stands for and reflects poorly on each and every one of us.

Because of the excessive litter, units are tasked to routinely send Soldiers out to pick up trash throughout the installation. This takes Soldiers away from training and other important requirements.

When people visit our installation and see trash lining the roads, it’s hard for them to focus on all the good things that happen here every day. We can do better. We all have a role in keeping our installation clean. We ask that you do your part and uphold our reputation for being one of the best installations in the Army.

If you are a litterbug and get caught by the military police, you could be fined $100. Littering costs the post in training time, and it could cost you.

Thanks in advance for your attention and help in this important matter.