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AFAP wraps up conference with 57 issues

The three-day Army Family Action Plan conference wrapped up Thursday at the Benning Conference Center. The conference opens up the floor to issues submitted by Soldiers and their Families, said Starla De Saussure, acting AFAP program manager.

“All delegates voted on their top five issues; only two — more than likely — will move on to Training and Doctrine Command headquarters to be resolved,” De Saussure said.

De Saussure said there were three working groups focusing on: Benefits, entitlements, housing, relocation and force support Employment, education, consumer services, Family support and child care Medical and dental

Of the five issues selected, the top three local issues included placing a traffic light rather than a blinking caution light at the intersection of Anderson Avenue and Marchant Street to make the intersection safer, child development center waiting lists and Army Family Covenant cards for Army wounded warriors.

The top two non-local issues, the overseas Exceptional Family Member screening process and support groups for Families and caregivers of combat veterans, will more than likely go on to Forces Command and TRADOC, De Saussure said.

According to the Fort Benning AFAP website, issues not resolved locally or at the TRADOC or FORSCOM level are forwarded to Department of the Army headquarters and will be worked on by the AFAP General Officer Steering Committee until the issue is resolved or determined to be unattainable.

De Saussure said she is actively looking for delegates and staff members, who are comprised of facilitators, recorders, transcribers, issue support, room managers and for the upcoming local conference.

“We are gearing up to have the next (local conference) in October (and) are accepting issues,” she said.

AFAP was created in 1983 and since then has resulted in 117 legislative changes, 162 Department of Defense or Army policy changes, and 178 new or improved programs and services, according to AFAP’s Fort Benning website.

To submit issues, visit or call 706-545-3016.