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Antonio Banderas carries the character he’s voiced for the “Shrek” movies into his own animated adventure, a prequel to those films. Puss encounters a number of other famous characters, including Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill, while trying to land his paws on magic beans to clear his name of criminal charges. Salma Hayek is heard as Puss’ female counterpart in a voice cast that also includesZach Galifianakis, Billy Bob Thornton and Amy Sedaris. (Rated PG)


Clint Eastwood continues to demonstrate his versatility as a director with this portrait of FBI icon Hoover, but the film really belongs to title star Leonardo DiCaprio, giving a smart and measured performance that ably depicts the lawman’s quirks as well as his professional dedication. Some contend that Hoover’s personal life suffered from his near-obsessive devotion to his work. Judi Dench also is impressive as his mother in a cast that includes Naomi Watts, Josh Lucas, Armie Hammer, Dermot Mulroney and Jeffrey Donovan. (Rated R)


Recent economic news is applied to an action-comedy approach in directorBrett Ratner’s entertaining caper set in a posh New York condo. The building manager (Ben Stiller) organizes some of his fellow employees, who lost significant money in a Ponzi scheme engineered by one of the site’s most prominent residents (Alan Alda). A thief of questionable skill tries to help the gang execute its plan successfully. Matthew Broderick, Gabourey Sidibe, Tea Leoni, Casey Affleck, Michael Pena and Judd Hirsch also appear. (Rated PG-13)