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American Idol Las Vegas round 2012: Who will make the American Idol Top 24?

No, we're not at the voting phase of "American Idol" yet...but we're getting a lot closer.

After Thursday's Las Vegas episode, 42 singers remained in the competition. This was my favorite moment from the two-hour show.

Here's a full recap.


Welcome to Las Vegas, "American Idol" fans! Seventy singers remain in the competition as we head to Las Vegas. They will perform in groups of three or four on the stage inside the Aria.

The theme? Music from the '50s and '60s. And yes, the really mean vocal coach is back.

The first group includes Colton Dixon, Skylar Laine, Chase Likens and Cari Quoyeser. Cari gets cut, but everybody else stays in the game.

Next up? A bunch of young contestants: Jeremy Rosado, David Leathers Jr., Gabi Carrubba and Ariel Sprague. Gabi acts like a serious diva while they rehearse "Rockin' Robin." Also, for some reason, I really dislike Jeremy. Sorry.

Final outcome: They all advance.

Another group with four advancing singers: Erika Van Pelt, Adam Brock, Angie Zeiderman and Shelby Lynn Tweten. Note to Randy Jackson: The fake-out is getting REALLY old.

Brielle Von Hugel and Schyler Dixon advance, but their fellow group member Molly Hunt gets eliminated. Remember, Schyler is Colton's sister.

Some other rejected singers: Wayne Wilson, Ashley Robles and Stephanie Renae.

Reed Grimm, Elise Testone, Eben Franckewitz and Haley Johnsen get a standing ovation for their rendition of "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes." They all advance.

Time for the night's only two-person group: Richie Lawson (Cowboy) and Jermaine Jones. They both have really deep voices, so this should work out well. Or not. They have some tension while rehearsing in Vegas. "I didn't come here to recycle music. I came here to make it," Cowboy says. OK, their performance wasn't as bad as I expected. They both advance.

We see successful performances from Hallie Day, Baylie Brown and Chelsea Sorrell.

Deandre Brackensick, Jessica Sanchez and Candice Glover give an AWESOME performance of Buddy Holly's "It Doesn't Matter Anymore." They all advance.

We just wrapped up the first set of group performances. DRAMA. The judges tell the advancing singers that they will reevaluate the pool of remaining contestants after the next set of group performances. Translation: There might be more cuts.

We see a montage of singers performing Elvis tunes. Among the advancing hopefuls: Scott Dangerfield, Shannon Magrane, Joshua Ledet and Clayton Farhat.

Here's a group of three women in sparkly dresses: Britnee Kellogg and Courtney Williams advance, while Jessica Phillips is eliminated. Aww. I liked her...she's the one who became her boyfriend's caregiver after he had a stroke.

I wonder how Jessica's fellow group members feel about her post-elimination comment: "A lot of people are making it through that are not real artists."

Lauren Gray and Wendy Taylor advance after performing "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow," but group member Mathenee Treco is eliminated.

Heejun Han, Phillip Phillips, Neco Starr and Jairon Jackson advance after singing "I Only Have Eyes for You." Heejun gets emotional after learning the outcome. I love you, Heejun!

Jen Hirsh, Aaron Marcellus and Creighton Fraker sing "Sealed With a Kiss" and advance, but group member Nick Boddington is eliminated. Sigh. I liked him.

That was the last group performance. MORE CUTS!

Among the eliminated singers: Gabi Carrubba, Schyler Dixon, Angie Zeiderman, Candice Glover, Johnny Keyser, Jairon Jackson and Britnee Kellogg.

We're down to 42 singers. See you next week!