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Win a trip to Alaska with Georgia Pellegrini, girl hunter

I've written about Georgia Pellegrini before and I think she's pretty awesome.

I read (and wrote about) her latest book "Girl Hunter" and thought it presented an interesting insight perhaps especially for those who don't hunt, like myself. Even though my husband hunts, it's still hard sometimes to understand that pull to the field if you don't feel it yourself. Georgia expresses herself quite well and comes from an interesting background.

Plus, the book is littered with delicious-sounding recipes and she's got a bunch of fun and crafty ideas on her website. I love me some crafty ideas.

Additionally, she's got a contest going on right now to win a trip to Alaska with her to go salmon fishing. What an opportunity! I've always wanted to go (at one point I wanted to move there).

Even if you're not a big fisher-person (like myself) it would be great to see Alaska and learn some new skills. Plus the grand prize includes some cooking lessons from Georgia and pedicure. Who says you can't get your hands a little dirty and still be a girly-girl?