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Downton Abbey's over. Here's what to do until Season 3

Last night was the final episode of Downton Abbey. The two-hour episode was awesome, Christmasy and the perfect way to end the series.

But now I have to wait an entire year to see Season 3 and find out what happens to Anna, Bates, Mary, Matthew and the rest of the Downton family, upstairs and down. Can you really go a whole year without a withering quip from the Dowager Countess? (I say no).

What to do until next January? Fellow Downton fans, you've got a couple options:

-- If you watch Downton for the outrageous plotlines (The long-lost Canadian cousin with amnesia from this season was the most ridiculous in my opinion), I've heard that ABC's Revenge is also good for a few soapy stories. It also takes place in a glamorous home -- in the Hamptons this time -- and features a family full of secrets.

-- If you like television shows and movies set during the same time period as Downton (1900-1920), there are lots of older British soaps to fill that gap. I recommend The Duchess of Duke Street (starring a young Gemma Jones -- you probably know her as the mother in Bridget Jones's Diary) or the original Upstairs Downstairs. There are also more recent movies, like Steven Spielberg's War Horse, and an upcoming adaptation of the WWI novel, Birdsong, that chronicle the same period.

--Check out some Downton-related books. Since the series became a hit, there have been a number of books published about life in an English country house. You can find some good ones here.

Any other Downton fans out there? How will you pass the time until next January?