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New documentary asks, "Haiti: Where Did the Money Go?"

Jennie Walker is a friend of mine. A friend who goes way back. She's a singer/songwriter who has been trying for years to get a record deal and all that.

But to make a living, she's been working as a fundraiser for a non-profit organization. And she does a very good job doing that.

Recently, she worked on a documentary called "Haiti: Where Did the Money Go?"

She laughed as she said she did everything with this doc except shoot and edit the film.

It's about an hour long and the filmmaker, Michele Mitchell, went to Haiti twice to see if the billions of dollars donated to the earthquake-stricken country was being used correctly.

What she found is horrible. There are still thousands and thousands of people living under tarps, without the basics like running water and working toilets. And, of course, people are going without food as well.

I watched the film and it made me sick and made me mad. People with the non-profit organizations that got these billions of dollars keep saying they're doing all they can. But people still live under tarps, without running water and working toilets and no food.

One organization built some shelters, but not enough for everyone.

One of the aid workers said at the end to be careful who you give money to and to do your research.

But what about all those telethons and concerts?

Just be careful who you give your money to in instances like this.

You can see the documentary on Georgia Public Broadcasting at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Wednesday and 11 a.m. March 25 on WJSP-TV 28 locally.

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