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Training land expansion at Fort Benning still on hold

The Army's plan to acquire 82,800 acres of training land for Fort Benning remains on hold while officials consider a reduction in the force and Department of Defense budget cuts in Washington, D.C., officials said today.

An update on the expansion plan comes nearly five months after it was put on hold on Oct. 20.

"We recognize that folks in the communities around Fort Benning are anxious

for a decision and for a resolution, but we owe it to all of them to select

the best course of action," said Col. Jeffrey Fletcher, Fort Benning's

garrison commander. "The reality is that we just don't have enough

information to make a good decision about training land expansion at this


An environmental impact study identified Stewart County as the preferred area for expanding training land. Fort Benning leaders still might acquire the entire 82,800 acres, acquire a smaller number of acres or take no action at all to acquire additional land. 

"As we continue to move forward, know that we have heard all community

concerns and comments, and we have carefully considered all of your

feedback," Fletcher said.