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Scottie's getting married!

Actually, my nephew, Scott, got married to Susan last April 29. They got married in the courthouse in Orlando. It was just the two of them.

Fred and Cheryl threw a huge party at their house. We had enough food for the entire neighborhood. Scott and Susan's friends came and it was like old times at Fred and Cheryl's house in South Florida. They slept all over the house. There were kids in the den and in the living room, sleeping on pallets they made on the floor or in sleeping bags. They were on the sofas and recliners.

They wanted have a "proper" wedding with their families and friends and decided to get married in Columbus.

Scott checked out the RiverMill Event Centre and liked it. Then Susan came for the Ledger-Enquirer's Bridal Expo in October and liked it, too.

So they booked it for April 29, which is their first anniversary. It's a Sunday, but all of the Saturdays were booked for almost two years.

It's kind of neat to be married on their first anniversary.

Susan's got a wedding dress and her five bridesmaids have their dresses.

Fred said he'll be in jeans and a T-shirt. Cheryl said he'll be in a tuxedo. I'll bet he'll be in a tuxedo.

Me, I'm not sure if I'll buy a new dress or wear something I've got in my closet. But I have another six weeks to decide.

One cool thing about the tables at the reception ... Jamie Keating, who owns the RiverMill Event Centre suggested that instead of using numbers, we should personalize them.

We all have dogs. So I think we should take pictures of each dog and put their names on each table. I have three, Susan has one, Fred and Cheryl have five and Nancy has two. Then we can use our deceased dogs and we'll have enough.

Patty said the people we don't like will sit at the Chipper table. Chipper, of course, is my ill-tempered Chihuahua.

We'll see about that.