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I'm the favorite, she's just my sister

Asking my parents, "Who's the favorite daughter?" is a running joke in my family. Today, it's me, but one of my sisters will probably insist that she is actually the favorite and that my parents are only telling me I'm the favorite so as not to hurt my feelings.

Welcome to sibling rivalry 101.

Actually, my sisters and I are pretty close and get along well. We fight sometimes, but since our interests are so different, I don't think we've ever really been rivals in anything -- unlike some of the siblings mentioned in this Wall Street Journal article about adult sibling rivalry.

From the article:

Marianne Walsh and her sister, Megan Putman, keep track of whose kids their mother babysits more. They also compete with each other over parenting styles (Ms. Walsh is strict, Ms. Putman is laid back) and their weight.

"My kids play more instruments, so I am winning in piano," says Ms. Walsh, 38, the younger of the two by 13 months. "But she won the skinny Olympics."

Their fights sound ridiculous, until you consider how common sibling rivalry is -- and it can often persist into adulthood if it goes unaddressed, according to the article. Even if you have a good relationship with your brother or sister, I think it's easy to become resentful or jealous sometimes. The article offers tips for working through fights, like considering your sibling's point of view and knowing when to apologize.

Do you brothers or sisters? Are you ever rivals?