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Take the sculpture walk

Tonight, I went on the 2012 Sculpture Walk with a couple of hundred people.

There were four sculptors here who talked about their work. That's quite a change from the first Sculpture Walk in 2007.

That year, almost every single sculptor came. They stood by their work and then groups of us went to them.

Tonight, since the artists' number was so small, we all walked together.

This year, the Sculpture Walk goes farther north on Broadway than ever. There are two at Broadway and 13th Street.

And this year, there are clouds in front of the Corn Center for the Visual Arts on Front Avenue.

So we walked and walked. By the time we got to the Corn Center, our number dwindled to about 30.

But it was worth it because the "Papercuts" exhibit is pretty spectacular. It's inside the Corn Center's Illges Gallery. All of the work is beautiful, but I think the artists are crazy.

Many of the works are done by cutting up these large pieces of paper. One of the artists is such a perfectionist that if she makes a mistake, she throws it away and starts over. Can you imagine? It must takes days, weeks, months to do these paper cuts.

You've got to see this exhibit to believe it.

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