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Make a Milky Way cocktail like the Shanty Shack

The Shanty Shack, a well-known Columbus establishment located at 4475 Warm Springs Rd., is appealing to a wider clientele base by revamping its drink offerings.

Bartender Joshcua Cinnamon said the new martini menu was developed by tweaking drink recipes he's learned over his years of bartending. Full-size martinis are available all week at Shanty Shack, but there's a special on Tuesday nights offering three mini martinis for $9.

Cinnamon said the Milky Way, Apple Bottom and Peachy Keen are the most popular flavors.


3/4-oz. Absolute Vanilla vodka

3/4-oz. chocolate vodka

A splash each of: creme de cacao, Bailey's Irish Cream and milk.

Combine ingredients in cocktail shaked and mix well. Line a martini glass with a swirl of chocolate syrup and pour drink into glass. Garnish with a wedge of Milky Way candy bar.